Website Accessibility

Access Keys

Access keys allow you to use your keyboard to move around a website. The following access keys can be used on this website:

  • 0 – Access key list (this page)
  • 1 – Home page
  • 2 – Location and Map
  • 3 – History page
  • 4 – Government page
  • 5 – Local Directory page
  • 6 – Miscellaneous Information page
  • 7 – Contact page

The method you use will vary according to your operating system and browser software, but there are three main options:

  • Press ALT + the access key;
  • Press ALT + SHIFT + the access key;
  • Press CONTROL + the access key.

If in doubt, check your browser’s ‘Help’ section to see which option will work for you.

Changing the Text Size

The basic text size is slightly larger than that found on most websites. You can change the size of the text using the controls on your browser. There are various methods for doing this, which vary according to the software you are using, but the three most common methods are:

  • Hold down the CONTROL or COMMAND key and turn the wheel on your mouse;
  • Hold down the CONTROL or COMMAND key and press the Plus or Minus keys;
  • Go to the options at the top of your screen, and select ‘Tools’ then delve around in ‘Options’ or something similar.

As with most things, there is little consistency between browsers and operating systems, so check your browser’s ‘Help’ section.

Printing Pages

To print a copy of this or any web page, either:

  • Go to the options at the top of your screen and select ‘File’ then either ‘Print’ or ‘Print Preview’;
  • Hold the CONTROL or COMMAND key and press P.

This website contains two separate layouts:

  • one, with graphics and colours, for viewing on a monitor;
  • and one, with plain black text on a white background, specifically for printing on paper.

If you want a printed copy of a page to retain its fancy screen layout, you will need to use screen capture software, such as the Snipping Tool for certain versions of Windows, or the Pearl Crescent Page Saver extension for the Firefox browser.

If you just want to print part of a page (such as the directions to the Hawth) and aren’t concerned about formatting, you can of course highlight a section of text with your mouse, copy it into a text editing program such as Notepad, and save and print the document.

Other Information

To go to the top of a page, just hold the CONTROL or COMMAND key and select the HOME key.

Each page is marked up with ARIA landmark roles, which allow users of screen reader software to jump to the main areas on each page. For more information about ARIA landmark roles, see

Depending on which browser you are using, you may also be able to use the TAB key to move from one highlighted link to the next within a page, and then press the RETURN or ENTER keys to activate the link. Press SHIFT and TAB at the same time to move back through the links.

The contact form contains fieldsets and legends, and should be navigable using the TAB key.

We would like to make this website as accessible as possible, so if you notice any problems or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact the web designer.

For more information about the accessibility of websites, see the BBC’s very comprehensive accessibility section.